Published research


  • Frainer et al. Stoichiometric imbalances between detritus and detritivores are related to shifts in ecosystem functioning. Oikos, in press. [pdf]

Biodiversity and Ecosystem functioning

  • Frainer et al. 2014. When does diversity matter? Species functional diversity and ecosystem functioning across habitats and seasons in a field experiment. Journal of Animal Ecology, 83: 460-469. [pdf]
  • Frainer et al. 2015. No evidence for leaf trait dissimilarity effects on litter decomposition, fungal decomposers and nutrient dynamics. Ecology, 96: 550-561. [pdf]
  • Frainer & McKie 2015. Shifts in the diversity and composition of consumer traits constrain the effects of land use on stream ecosystem functioning. Advances in Ecological Research, 52: 169-199. [pdf]
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